Transportation of the oversized cargo for the chemical industry company – “Cherepovetskiy Azot”.

There are a number of features of this multimodal transportation to be mentioned:

The oversized equipment had been delivered from various points of the world at different periods of time. Due to this, the temporary customs control zone (VZTK) was set up at the cargo receiving point, and customs classification decision was formalized. This allowed the cargo to be cleared at customs by small amounts, once available at the destination point.

Dimensions of equipment: the width and height were of up to 7 meters. Transportation of cargo with such characteristics from Europe  is possible in the intermodal mode only. The cargo was dispatched from the manufacturer’s premises to port Constanza (Romania), after that it was reloaded to the Russian vessel and delivered to Cherepovets port via Rostov-na-Donu port. Special autotransport was used to deliver cargo from Cherepovets port.

Particular attention was paid to the exact timing of vessels in every transit port to avoid delays.

In order to deliver cargo in time agreed with the customer, EUROPE-LLOYD employees carried out all the activities at the very beginning of navigation period. The vessel with the cargo had been sailing in the first course after the opening of the river for the navigation.

The separation was obligatory made at all the reloads of the cargo on the route: EUROPE-LLOYD employees calculated load balancing on the deck and lashing materials required.

When fixing the equipment on vehicles the use of standard metal cords were not allowed. To ensure secure fastening and secure transportation only textile cords were used.

All the reloading points on the route were under survey control. Reports on each reloading were immediately provided for the attention of the customer.

  • Морские и речные перевозки.
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  • Морские и речные перевозки
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