For a comprehensive implementation of transport and logistics solutions in oversized and overweight cargo shipping, EUROPE-LLOYD specialists have developed unique transport engineering techniques, based on the best European methods and on our 30 years of practical experience, taking into account the particularities of the transport system of Russia and former USSR countries.

The main objectives of transport engineering are to reduce transport costs and to shorten delivery time, using special actions and methods.

These tasks solution begins at the stage of equipment production. After studying engineering documentation for the cargo, our experts give advice on the maximum size, weight and configuration of equipment, as well as on the size and shape of packaging from the point of view of the optimal technical possibilities of transportation.

Further on, specialists choose transportation route, modes of transport, transshipment and storage points. Adjusting transportation periods, the local climatic features on the route are taken into account. For example, the existence of ice crossings on the route, open water periods.

Our experts develop lashing scheme, and, if necessary, prepare the rigging for the secure lashing of the cargo during transportation and transshipment.

The next important prior step is to coordinate the shipping project with the traffic police, with owners of roads and buildings, with cable networks maintenance services, rail services, engineering services owners etc. This obligatory part of the project is completely executed by EUROPE-LLOYD experts.

Expert, consistent and profound engineering study of the transportation project that takes into account all the features of cargo and route, is the reliable guarantee of project execution in strict accordance with the agreed terms and costs.