Normally, water transportation is only a part, not the least part, of the way that cargo makes on the way from the Consignor to Consignee. EUROPE-LLOYD company employees have rich experience in shipping arranging by water transport on the Russian Federation territory, as well as in the course of import and export shipments. Wide network of agents around the world and strong contacts in all major sea and river ports allow us to execute:

наиболее подходящий порт отправки для груза cargo pre-carriage-from Consignor to the most suitable nearby port of departure;
внутрипортовое экспедирование груза cargo port forwarding, including arrangements of all required documents;vessel booking for part cargo or the full vessel space;loading onto the vessel and lashing;
отслеживание груза до порта назначения tracking of cargo to the port of destination / of handling;
контроль перевалки груза в транзитном порту supervising of cargo transhipment (if necessary) in transit port;
присутствие сотрудника при выгрузке груза в порту назначения our employee supervising of your cargo when unloading in port  of destination;
сюрвейерский услуги в любой контрольной точке survey services at any control point.

EUROPE-LLOYD cares about your cargo to be accepted on the vessel among the first, in order to avoid the storage costs and delays of connecting transport. The main specialization of EUROPE-LLOYS as the carrier is transportation of oversized and overweight cargo, so preparation arrangements of quays  (beds screening,  checking and strengthening the quay wall, checking of the access roads’ condition), as well as the survey of the route of the vessel, are also carried out by our experienced engineers. Besides, transportations in the period of the navigation season fall should be mentioned, especially technically difficult transportation with icebreaking vessel.

As we have already noted, the water delivery is usually only a part of the whole route, so there is a special need of carrier’s precision in work and constant cargo tracing.

EUROPE–LLOYD can offer you all these and even more, basing on our long-term experience with the most difficult cargo.