EUROPE-LLOYD employees have been working in the market of oversized and overweight cargo road transportations for more than 15 years.

We transport oversized and overweight cargo, as well as we provide the full range of services related to the movement of project cargo through the territory of Russia and CIS.

Our company has rich experience in transportation of oversized and overweight equipment for various industries, including equipment for the aviation and aerospace industry, hydrocracking refinery columns, excavators and equipment for the mining industry, pipe-laying and pipe welding units for the oil and gas industry, building structures and bridges, modular units for the construction of health care centers, etc.

Transportations of oversized and overweight cargo are executed in accordance with the Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation, with the transportation of oversized and overweight cargo Rules, and special conditions specified in the permits and passes.

When choosing the route for oversized and overweight cargo transportation, EUROPE-LLOYD experts evaluate loading capacities, size and strength of engineering structures on the proposed route to ensure the safety and security both for the cargo and roads, including road buildings.

EUROPE-LLOYD specialists of permits and approvals department receive Authorities’ permits for your cargo transportation.In addition, our experts coordinate approvals along the whole route with local road management authorities, bridges and communications lines local offices and railways offices (bridges, viaducts, railways crossings, metro lines).

Our specialists are also here to help you with all the issues related to the auto transportation:

организация страхования груза cargo insurance;
оказание юридической поддержки providing legal backing consulting if necessary;
обеспечение машин прикрытия и ГИБДД providing transport convoy including road police convoy;
организация выездов специалистов на приемку груза our experts’ onsite support for cargo acceptance.