Rail transportations are one of the cheapest and multifunctional modes of shipping. EUROPE-LLOYD employees have rich experience in rail transportation of both in-gauge cargo and overweight and oversized cargo for various industries..

If rail transport is the most suitable for your cargo, we:

тщательное изучение маршрута carefully check all the route including railroad tracks condition, if necessary;
подбор подходящего состава для груза select the rolling equipment suitable for your cargo transportation;
разработка схем размещения и крепления груза на подвижном составе develop cargo configuration, positioning and lashing schemes on the rolling equipment;
соглосование проезда груза с руководством всех железных дорог coordinate cargo transit with all the rail Authorities on the route;
вагон сопровождение с контрольно габаритной рамой provide the rail wagon with the control gauge, if necessary;
присутствие сотрудника при перегрузке груза personally control all the steps of your cargo reloading on the route, if required;
обеспечение оплаты железнодорожного тарифа по всей территории следования provide rail tariff payment throughout all the territories involved into the route;
предостовление полной информации о местенахождение груза provide you with daily status of your cargo movement.

EUROPE-LLOYD company also can act on the behalf of the Consignor and the Consignee taking all their responsibilities, including dispatching and receiving of the cargo.

All these activities are possible to be executed by EUROPE-LLOYD anywhere Russian Federation, as well as in the course of import and export shipments.

In circumstances when railway shipping can hardly be tracked or managed, you can be absolutely sure that your cargo is carefully handled from station to station, from the rail territory to rail territory, – directly to your destination. Company EUROPE-LLOYD has very strong relations with many rail stations, as well as with the management of the railways around the world, that allows to solve quickly all the problems arising on the route, as well as to own the latest information required for the client.

Trusting your cargo, even very complicated and time-taking, to EUROPE-LLOYD company, you can feel secure for cargo safety and tight-knit delivery.