погрузчик manitouTelescopic handlers are versatile machines that appeared recently in the Russian market, and has gained recognition among specialists in various fields.

Company EUROPE-LLOYD offers telehandlers of one of the most reputable manufacturer Manitou. This machinery is irreplaceable for different types of activities: for construction of low-rise buildings, for cargo moving, for lifting and transportation activities in limited spaces
Телескопический погрузчик manitou

The main particularity of Manitou forklifts is telescopic extendable boom that allows to lift cargo at high altitude. As an example, it is worth mentioning forklift model MT 1740 SLT, which raises loads up to 4000 kg to a height of 17.5 m.

Manitou telehandlers can be equipped by other devices, depending on the work executed. For example, MRT 2150 Privelege with telescopic swinging-boom has greater maneuverability and round visibility due to the possibility of rotating by 360 degrees. MRT 2150 Privelege easily lifts loads weighing up to 5000 kg, as well as people to a height of 20 m.

EUROPE-LLOYD company provides you with the telehandler type fitting especially for your working requirements.

Additional attachments to MANITOU telehandlers

Bucket for heavy bulk cargo. Constructed to be used for work with sand, soil and other heavy bulk materials.

ORH lifting platforms are constructed for cargo or staff for assembling works at height. Platform length is 6 meters, loading capacity is 365 kg.

Nonrotative platform with loading capacity upto 300 kg and with width from 2000 to 2400 mm.

Crane jib of P series, has the length upto 7 m depending on the loading capacity from 600 to 2000 kg.

Fork carriage PFB allows using any FEM standard attachments for mast forklifts.

Carriage with the floating forks.

Working platform 3D with positive and negative outreach.

Platform with crane of 350 kg. Effective for glass units and sandwich panels installation.

Hydraulic concrete mixer, with volume from 500 to 1000 liters, with dispenser.

Lifting platform with additional elbow.

Hydraulic winch is used for telehandlers.
Allows executing loading and unloading works quickly and precisely.